For business

Our bank is always glad to support business of any scale, business loan without collateral and documents! How it works? 1. Open the site of the Helper Trust 2. Select the loan amount within the credit line, 3. Get the loan amount to your account, 4. Focus will automatically occur from your sales. Any companies can get a business loan: an individual entrepreneur or LLC, which meet the following criteria: actively accept payment through Smart POS. Only the head of the company can issue a business loan. Business loan is repaid automatically: a fixed amount is charged daily from the account. It is determined individually in the conditions of each loan. Money is written off only from sales for the current day. If there were no sales or they are not enough, the daily payment will be written off immediately, as sales will be. Credit for IP. The advantages of a loan for individual entrepreneurs are the amount of up to 80,000 USD, without collateral and documents, cheaper than a cash loan, crediting and lifting without a commission. How it works? Open the Helper Trust website, get a loan for IP online. A loan for an individual entrepreneur can receive an individual entrepreneur registered in the Committee of State Revenues. On the site, you can submit an online application for a loan for individual entrepreneurs if you already have one or more loans. In each case, the decision is made individually and depends on the quality of the credit history and your solvency.

Advantages of receiving payments

More than 800,000 users, funds are credited the next day, a daily report on accepted payments. How it works? 1. Send the application online, 2. Sign the contract, 3. Start accepting payments. The commission depends on the scope of your company. Electricity, gas supply, cold and hot water, etc. Com. services - 0.3%; Maintenance of elevators and intercom, removal of solid waste - 0.95%; Services KSK, housing and communal services, axis - 0.95%; Internet and TV - 0.95%; Security agencies - 0.95%; Parking - 0.95%; Taxi - 3%; Courier services - 2%; State educational courses - 0%; Private educational courses - 0.95%; Universities and colleges - 0.7%; Public schools - 0%; Private schools - 0.95%; Private kindergartens - 0.95%; State kindergartens - 0%; Distribution companies - 0.95%; Self -service car wash and coffee/SNEC Devices, water towers - 0.95%; Other types of self -service devices - 0.95%; Cosmetics, dietary supplements - 2%; Parks, recreation areas, tourism - 0.95%; Online stores, services are rated separately, other services - 3%.

API capabilities for business processes

Data exchange, receipt of statements and balance of accounts for your company and customers "Helper Trust", receiving payments, issuing accounts in your account, information about payment in your CRM, automatic account operations, and quick customer verification. Manage payment orders directly from your CRM or accounting. To connect to the service, payments on Helper Trust must be an acting legal entity or individual entrepreneur. From the moment of registration of the individual entrepreneur, at least 1 business day must pass.


Put the client in the center of everything we do is our main priority. But we understand that we need to go even further. We want to provide products and services that our customers need, and which smoothly fit into their lives. We invest in technology to improve our banking experience and support our standards in the fight against financial crimes. In 2019, 89% of the transactions of our retail customers were carried out through mobile or online channels. We maintain trust, trying to protect the data and information about customers and deliver fair results for them. If anything goes wrong, we know that we must deal with complaints in a timely manner. Maintaining high standards of behavior is important for our long -term success and enhances our ability to serve our customers. As a client, you will have access to foreign currency accounts and international investment services. In addition, you will learn about options that may not be available in your country. Thanks to our service only for execution, we strive to comply with your instructions in a timely and effectively.

Our goals on sustainable financing

We promised to provide and promote sustainable financing and investments in the amount of 100 billion US dollars in the period from 2017 to 2025. We continue to achieve progress in achieving this goal, while by the end of 2019 we pay $ 52.4 billion. Our work in this area includes: advising customers and assistance to them in access to capital markets; Development of products such as environmental, social and stable bonds; providing loans for projects that meet environmental criteria; and management of socially responsible investment funds. Aggregate progress (billion US dollars) for sustainable finances By the end of 2019, we reached $ 52.4 billion, our goal of providing and promoting sustainable finance and investment in the amount of $ 100 billion from 2017 to 2025. Helper Trust retains a strong balance of capital and liquidity, which conveniently exceeds the minimum regulatory requirements.